I used to keep a jar that contained pictures of every item in my closet. Every day I would close my eyes, pick one, and that would be the starting point of my day's outfit. Unfortunately, there came a day when a mere jar could no longer contain pictures of everything I owned. So now I put them all on this site.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Franco Sarto Nude Pumps

Date: March 4, 2012
Item: Shoes
From: Franco Sarto
Price: $32.00 (originally $89.00)

There is something about a good pair of nude colored shoes. They look sexy, they make the leg look longer, and they go with everything.

If I had my way, I would love to get a pair of nude Louboutins. But for right now, I am perfectly content to settle for this pair of Franco Sartos. The shoes are very well padded and has a modest three inch heel compared with the ridiculous five inch heels that seem to be the norm in shoes these days. For the price, it is extremely comfortable, even almost as comfortable as the aforementioned Louboutins! And when all is said and done, there is something liberating about not having to worry I'm damaging $700 worth of shoes while walking in this pair on the hard pavements of downtown where I work.

I found this on the clearance rack at Marshall's and had the hardest time finding information online about it. I think it is the Luxe style from last year. But I'm not sure, so I'm just calling it "Nude Pumps" for right now.